Here are different examples of music that we produce.

banjorift - cut up banjo with mellow beat, cello and glitch vocals

bikes - happy foot tapping acoustic guitar and accordion

coin - delayed guitar rift with glockenspiel, bodhran and hand claps

japanese - twinkly synthesiers, ambient undertones and building rhythm

grid - ambient moog arpeggios

plinkyplonky - slowish electronicia with polyrhythm

waterpipe - kids folkie tune with piano

penguin tune - 7/8 timing with melodica and glockenspiel

electronica - mellow with playful bass synth

electronica - steady with gated synths

hoola hoop - cheesy jazzy guitar with smooth electric piano

dubby step

in the club

summer brass


electro crunch

guitar electro

kraftwerkish 1

kraftwerkish 2

electro pop 1

electro pop 2

boards of canada-ish 2

living in essex

dark slow jam


glockenspiel tune

buggin out

electric relaxation

orchestral beats

keep it rollin



jittery music box

turrican II the 90s computer game tribute!

eastern anthem

digi folk

laid back

laid back short

eastern electro

circle dance


funky 80s

jumpy electronic

budd electronica

surfing tune

tense electro

crunchy electronica

soft breaks

boards of canada-ish

eastern reflection

parisian cafe